Paul Wesley & Amy Schumer's Prom Confessions Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own — VIDEO

With the school year drawing to a close and spring just about sprung, prom is officially in the air — that sweet, hairsprayed rite of passage, full of flower bracelets and rented cars and endless photo-ops with some dude's arms perched around your midsection. Though you may no longer be able to rock a classic Jessica McClintock dress, it's still worth studying up on the major dos and don'ts of the occasion — and now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, that tutelage includes stories from your favorite celebs about how their big night went down, from beloved comedian Amy Schumer to The Vampire Diaries ' Paul Wesley, in their new video, "Prom Confessionals."

For example, Sons of Anarchy's Theo Rossi got too wasted in the limo and may have tried to fight the driver, while Bad Teacher's Ari Graynor attended on the arm of a future congressman. And the fashions — oh, the fashions! — are just as delightfully awful as you'd expect, from Kyle MacLachlan's "very stylin'" blue velvet tux, ruffle shirt, and platform shoes to Donald Faison's Hammer pants. (Grey's Anatomy's Gillian Anderson even pulled The Full Ringwald and made her own dress!)

For my part, my "prom" was a school-wide dance held in a hotel ballroom that students were transported to via bus — which my friends and I thus righteously skipped to dance to weird techno in my dad's basement. So, it's heartening to know that it's possible to achieve greatness (or, at least, an Entertainment Weekly interview) even if your prom experience amounts to little more than a hilarious-in-retrospect story. See those tales, in all their awkward teen glory, below: