Let's Hear Lea Michele's Opinions On Those Rumors About Naya Rivera — VIDEO

The set of Glee seems as though it has been filled with almost as much drama as a New Directions rehearsal. Fortunately, Lea Michele is here to clear up the Naya Rivera feud rumors. The singer-actress-power-belter spoke with David Letterman on The Late Show about all of those alleged rumors that she and Rivera had been bickering, thus leading to Rivera's rumored exit — which by the way, is apparently false.

Rivera, according to a source from Glee , is not fired, even though we didn't see her in the Season 5 finale, but it's a hard maybe if we'll see her again or not, as the writers may simply not find a need for her character's presence.

But all of that cat-fighting stuff? The actress who plays Rachel Berry says it's all made up. We can take that for what it's worth, but she does have a good message amidst her laughter as she negates any rumors of on-set cat fights. She thinks it's pretty sad that the media likes to pit women against each other. Girl's got a point! Why must people try to constantly push this idea that women enjoy tearing each other down? Yuck.

And she also says that if she were to have a cat fight with someone, she'd do it a little differently. You can find out about her cat fighting style and watch her reject the circulating Naya Rivera rumors below: