Oh, Snap! Viggo Mortensen Calls The 'Lord of The Rings' Trilogy A Mess

Oh, snap! Let's talk about someone firing shots. Viggo Mortensen said that the Lord of The Rings trilogy was a mess. Whoaah. Apparently, he does not think too highly of some of Peter Jackson's decisions, especially as the trilogy progressed. He thinks that Jackson sacrificed subtlety and good filmmaking for the sake of special effects, 'cause you know the classic kid's book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie? Well, call this tale If You Give Peter Jackson An Epic Budget.

It's not too hard to believe that — most of us are scoffing at the third Hobbit movie, which, with its blatant attempt at ballooning out a trilogy for the sake of showcasing special effects and for the ability to call it a trilogy, very well may be called "Doin' It For The Boxed Set," but there had been things that were irking folks, like Mortensen, since way back. He spoke to The Telegraph and voiced his opinion:

Ooh. Someone's hitting on how Jackson's milking things til their last drop. He continued that the work got lazier and less emotionally potent as Jackson got more access to CGI:

As a result, Mortensen has chosen to stick with material that is more about the characters, and less about the special effects — and he hopes that Jackson can ultimately do the same in the long run, even though it seems unlikely:

It's an age old trope: give a guy a big budget, a hefty paycheck, and a loyal following, and watch all hell break loose. Remember, it's like If You Give A Mouse A Cookie!

Regardless of whatever Jackson does, it's not particularly common for actors to openly call directors out on their shit, especially in such detail. But hey, Mortensen, you're probably not alone — just consider yourself a spokesperson. Also, wise move to avoid The Hobbit. Let Orlando Bloom bask in his yearly relevancy.