Kim and Kanye Apparently Getting Married In Versailles, Not Florence, FYI

For all of you who were planning a trip to Florence with the high hopes of catching a glimpse of the West-Kardashian nuptials (hey, you saw the invite — didn't you? They request the HONOUR with a "u" of your presence!), we have an update. Halt everything you're doing because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married in Versailles. Why Versailles? Because cake, of course.

Hold on. Maybe.

Some folks are speculating that Kim and Kanye chose this locale because royals dined there, and they want to feel oh so royal, as well, on their wedding day. More so, this is where Marie Antoinette famously said "let them eat cake" — but like, to the poor who bitched about how fancy and decadent she was when they had zilch. HA! How ironic! But Kim is probably thinking of using the phrase (if she says it at all) as an inviting request to all of the plebes who attend her wedding.

Not that plebes actually will be able to attend the wedding (aww, guess that leaked invite was for naught). The ceremony is supposedly going to be SUPER intimate. You know, just family, friends, and the paparazzi. And Jay-Z, who's the best man!

Or maybe it won't be in Versailles. Maybe they're just messing with us. Maybe...maybe...they should just eat cake. That's right. Let them eat fancy, expensive, cake.