Rosie O'Donnell Wants Role on 'Orange Is the New Black,' — But Who Would She Play?

The feverish anticipation of season two of Orange is the New Black shows us that women in uniform get just as much love — even if they are wearing orange jumpsuits. Hoping to be next in line to get her own pair jail threads is Rosie O'Donnell, who pleaded for a role on Orange Is the New Black, but was subsequently turned down. Womp, womp. Even though we won't see her on the Netflix series, for now it's worth examining where she would possibly fit into the cast of quirky female prisoners.

On possibly playing a role on OITNB, O'Donnell said:

I begged. After I saw the first two episodes, I'm like 'Who do I call?' Let me get knifed in a shower -- someone give me a part on this.

Although this statement doesn't indicate whether O'Donnell would be cast as a good or bad guy, it clearly offers a glimpse into the type of character she's willing to play. Besides, determining whether she'd be good or bad might not be necessary, seeing as how all the characters straddle the fence between protagonist/antagonist due to their imprisonment for different degrees of crime.

She certainly has plenty of personal inspiration to breathe life into the role of a prisoner. For defense tactics, she need only summon her inner beast, whose presence we've become well-acquainted with through her seasonal sparring bouts with Donald Trump and her infamous on-air war of words with former View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck. After all, any woman who can survive a stint on the daytime squawkfest that is The View has enough battle wounds to ease into an OITNB character.

Now, seriously: who else is super excited for season two?! Orange Is the New Black season two will premiere in full on Netflix on June 6.