Constantinople Has Fallen! Here are 11 Renaissance Recipes to Bring You Out of the Dark Ages

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There are some holidays we observe with grand speeches and parades. Others, we toast with flowing rivers of booze. But the best kind of holiday is the eating kind — and even though you don’t know it yet, today is going to be your favorite. Say good bye to the Middle Ages, ladies. Constantinople fell 561 years ago today, and we’re partying like it’s the Renaissance all over again.

If you are really daring, you could serve up the head of a baby goat. Or, you know, bake live birds under a pie crust. But for the rest of us, we rounded up the most epic Renaissance recipes that won’t get you pecked to death. From bright panzanella salad to beef stew, here’s everything you need for the ultimate #tbt.

Image: Adventures in Cooking

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