'Godzilla' Already Has A Sequel Planned 'Cause Lizard Monsters Equal Big Bucks

But seriously, are you surprised? Didn't you expect there to be a sequel for Godzilla ...already? Maybe not at this speed, but hey: when an epic lizard monster crushes everything in its destructive path, particularly the box office (a $93 million domestic opening speaks for itself), you can't be too surprised. Warner Brothers already started planning the next spectacle. So, uh, spoiler alert: Godzilla returns.

Director Gareth Edwards has already started talking about what he wants to do with the sequel, and according to Deadlne, it sounds like he wants to use the same "restraint" that he used in the original movie. The team would also be wise to go heavy on the promotional barrage, as that obviously brought a hyper-awareness to the movie.

But hey — Godzilla makes mad money, ya'll. That's what this all likely comes down to; that's how franchises are born! Find a product that's profitable, and bank on that product, and here, we have a very marketable product that has the proven numbers. The current hit is stomping the box office, and so far, has the highest opening weekend box office numbers of 2014. And let's do the math: lizard monsters are large, and therefore, equal large profits. Godzilla: breakin' box office numbers and breakin' banks. Oh, those lizard monsters.

Image: Warner Brothers