'Godzilla' Is Stompin' The Box Office, As a Giant Lizard Monster Would

It is a giant lizard beast, so what else would you expect? Godzilla is crushing the box office, just as the actual monster crushes buildings and everything it its path. The movie's opening weekend is touted for a likely $100 opening in domestic box offices, which is epic, to say the least. Consider this the first major blockbuster of the summer. (Yeah, yeah, I know — it's not really summer yet, but give me a popcorn movie in the month of May, and I'll give you a pair of flip flops.) In fact — this is actually the biggest movie opening of the year so far.

Damn, Godzilla. You're a monster. (But you knew that already.)

Perhaps we can attribute some of its success to its heavy onslaught of promos. The movie had an enormous promotional brigade prior to its release, with so many trailers, clips, and behind the scenes featurettes, that some fans and naysayers thought it was a tad much — in fact, it almost was like pre-zilla exhaustion. But still, this is a known behemoth, and we haven't seen a good remake of the original film in some time (that '90s redux was a rotten tomato, to say the least). And besides, this version has Bryan Cranston in potentially an even more badass character than Heisenberg (SAY MY NAME) and that up-and-coming smoldering star, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Throw in high tech digital possibilities, and then add to the mix some I-Max screenings, which makes the larger-than-life beast even larger, and you've got a recipe for a box office success. And besides, you saw one of the many trailers, and probably were like, "holy crap. This movie looks AWESOME!" Of course it was going to do well.

To that end, it will likely continue to do well, destroying every movie on its chart-topping path. But hey, what else would you expect from something so gargantuan? Only gargantuan results.

Image: Warner Bros.