Ariana Plus Iggy? No 'Problem' Here

We may pretend like the awards are why we watch the Billboard Music Awards, but really, it's the performances. And tonight, we have a feeling we already know which our favorite will be. Ariana Grande teamed up with Iggy Azalea to perform their hit, "Problem," and was epic. And considering that the song and the first single from Ariana's second album has already hit number one on the Billboard charts, I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. We're looking at the song of the summer, folks. Grande's even nominated for Top New Artist. NBD.

After Iggy hit the stage with a bunch of cheerleaders to perform "Fancy," Grande showed up in a cage to kick off "Problem." No, no, it's fine — this is all part of a go-go dancer theme, and unfortunately, checkerboard dresses and matching platform shoes are included. Luckily for Grande, she managed to sidestep the Halloween costume aspect of the performance and instead, she ended up looking (and sounding) hot. Have I mentioned I'm really excited about this girl's second album? Why does it seem like there's such a long wait between now and fall?

And then suddenly, Iggy came back. Her hair was flawless, her dancing was not, and that cheerleader outfit was just not fitting in with the scene Ariana's creating on stage. Super surprising she didn't go for a costume change, right? But does it matter? I love that Ariana and Iggy have joined forces — Iggy's career is obviously about to blow up, and Ariana's already has. I totally wouldn't be opposed to more collaborations from them in the future — especially if it means there will be more performances from this stage duo in the future. Not too showy with exactly the right amount of sparkles. I'm in!

Now that we've seen Ariana and Iggy perform"Problem," it's time to decide: Is this the actual song of summer 2014? It has all the qualities of a summer song, which are obviously as follows: Easy to dance to, worthy of being blasted in the car with all the windows rolled down, and, of course, the dose of the now ubiquitous female rap solo (thanks, Iggy).

All other Top 40 singles, please bow out gracefully. Calvin Harris, I'm talking to you. You can now officially stop trying to make "Summer" happen. It's not going to happen.