Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" Performance at the Billboard Music Awards Uses an Army of Rebel Cheerleaders — VIDEO

Iggy Azalea fulfilled all of our nostalgic dreams with her Clueless-inspired video for her smash hit "Fancy," which she performed on Sunday's Billboard Music Awards. We could only dream that she'd bring the pleated-skirts, tiny book bags, bubble-gum twirls and all things '90s to the big stage. Please, oh please Iggy, just give the people what they want! We did at least get some of that "School spirit" with the cheerleader-themed spectacle.

Azalea also performed "Problem" with pop star Ariana Grande right after laying down "Fancy" and time-traveled from the '90s back into the art-deco '60s. Though her swagger would have you think she's been around forever, Azalea burst onto the scene in 2014 and her momentum shows no sign of slowing down. Her latest album The New Classic was released on April 21 and it debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Sunday night's performance wasn't so much of an introduction for Azalea to the Billboard stage, but more of a "this is only the beginning" showing for the hip-hop/pop star. With the word "Rebel" stitched across her chest and some mega-fierce pom-pom sneakers rocking her feet, Azalea made no apologies for her larger-than-life stage persona. She's as fun as she is no-nonsense when it comes to her live act, and we can't stop watching. The plaid cheerleader motif of "Fancy" brought us back to Clueless and the Spice Girls, who defined "Girl Power" — we can't wait to see where Azalea takes her brand of powerful femininity into the future.