Will Alicia Run for State's Attorney?

During The Good Wife ’s Season 5 finale, “A Weird Year,” there were a lot of twists and turns. It kind of went something like this: Diane Lockhart doesn’t have the votes to remain the managing partner of Lockhart/Gardner anymore! Oh wait, now she does. Finn Polmar is still running for state’s attorney despite damning evidence that he bribed a defense attorney in the past! Oh wait, he’s not running anymore. Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos might merge! Oh wait, Cary Agos sabotaged everything by telling Louis Canning about Diane’s secret merger plans.

Break for a random, super intense fight between Alicia Florrick and Cary!

Oh wait, so maybe Diane is going to run for state’s attorney now! Scratch that, maybe Diane is going to join Florrick/Agos now! And then finally, OH WAIT, maybe Alicia is going to run for state’s attorney. Woof. What an episode.

Despite all of its twists and turns, “A Weird Year” wasn’t all that exciting. The episode’s cliffhanger, where Eli Gold asked Alicia if she would be interested in running for state’s attorney, fell totally flat because…well, why on Earth would Alicia want to run for state’s attorney? Has Alicia ever given any indication during The Good Wife’s five-season run that she has any interest in running for state’s attorney? Like ever?? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Look, I know that starting her own law firm hasn’t exactly been everything Alicia hoped it would be, but that doesn’t mean she suddenly wants become an elected official who would have to spend a ton of time working very closely with her husband. You know, her husband, Peter? The guy who she’s secretly separated from right now? Yeah, that sounds like a great work environment.

Unfortunately, I think the campaign trail for state’s attorney is where The Good Wife is headed for Season 6. Otherwise, why would co-creators Michelle and Robert King (who wrote this episode) even bother posing the question? I don’t like this one bit. If Alicia decides to run, I think we’re in store for a whole lot more of Alicia working alongside Peter and sneaky snakes like Matan Brody and a whole lot less of Alicia working alongside awesome characters like Diane, Kalinda Sharma, and Cary.

In fact, if Alicia wins the election (and I can't imagine that she won't), she’ll be fighting against people like Diane, Kalinda, and Cary every week. As I have said in the past, I want to see Alicia happy for once! I want to see Alicia enjoying herself and interacting with people she likes and has chemistry with. I feel like the road to the state’s attorney’s office is going to be a lonely one. I’m kind of done with this whole tortured, angry Alicia thing. I'm ready to see something different!

The only positive thing I could see coming out of this development is that Alicia might get to spend a lot more time with Finn. That is, if Finn doesn’t instantly lose his job now that he’s no longer running. Speaking of Finn, I have one more major bone to pick with The Good Wife’s finale...

It only featured approximately 30 seconds of Filicia! THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH. Don’t the Kings realize that some people (me) are living for Finn and Alicia these days? How dare they not even throw fans a single scrap of Filicia flirtation to hold on to while the show goes on hiatus for the summer! What were they thinking?

So Alicia’s probably running for state’s attorney next season and Diane's probably joining Florrick/Agos (which I guess is probably going to become Lockhart/Agos). Those were the two major takeaways from The Good Wife’s Season 5 finale, “A Weird Year.” It may have gone out with more of a whimper than a bang, but all in all, Season 5 of The Good Wife was still pretty fantastic. I may not like the idea of Alicia possibly becoming state’s attorney, but I will suck it up and put my faith in the show’s extremely talented writers. After all, they proved this season that The Good Wife still has a lot of life (and drama) left in it.

I can't wait for September.

Images: CBS