'Game of Thrones' Daenerys & Daario's Sex Scene Makes Us Want to See These Pairings, Too

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Game of Thrones finally managed to wrest back the female vote last night, after a long and skeptical period of intense critical scrunity following the controversial rape scene between Jamie and Cersei Lannister a few weeks back. Turns out that what we needed was an uber-empowered sex scene between Daario and Daenerys, one in which Dany takes queenly control and probably rocks Daario's entire world in the process. But this little taste of feminist sexing is just not enough. Our pervy minds need more, and gosh darn it, the women of Westeros (and the lands beyond) have seen their share of malecentric sexuality. Here are some steamy hot Game of Thrones sex scenes we want to see played out Daenerys style, because you know what? This one's for the girls.

Image: HBO

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