14 Totally Ridiculous 'Will & Grace' Promo Pics

Will & Grace aired its final episode almost exactly eight years ago on May 18, 2006 and while your buddies Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen live on in syndication (and whenever someone calls boxed wine "juice boxes"), some of the other aspects of the show are buried deep in the depths of the Internet. I'm talking about ridiculous promotional pictures and we've dug up some good ones. You may not know, but silly promotional pictures used to be a big thing. The cast would pose with props or random backdrops while making faces at each other because that totally drums up interest in a show. At Bustle, this was something we accidentally discovered with Friends ' promo pics, but it seems this was quite the trend and a very entertaining one at that.

For Will & Grace we get the cast riding a motorcycle with a side car (yes, all of them on one motorcycle because fitting the entire cast onto something that is too small for everyone was a popular decision), we get the cast hanging out with a bunch of dogs, and we get one where everyone is in their pajamas. At least I think they are. Karen is either has very fancy PJs or is headed out to a black tie event while everyone else sleeps.

Here are the 14 most absurd Will & Grace promo pics:

The Motorcycle

The Bubbles

An updated version of Friends' shapes.

The Bike

Why have four bikes, when you can have two? It's much more charming!

The Pajamas

I guess we shouldn't be surprised that Karen sleeps in a push-up bra.

The Bed

The bed is also a classic choice.

The Stacked Heads

So are the stacked heads! This is getting eerie! Is it in every NBC actor's contract that they must take a stacked heads photo?!

The Half Smile

The Dogs

Odd choice of styling for Debra Messing there.

The Suitcases

The "Put Your Arms Around Each Other"

The "Put Your Arms Around Each Other" 2nd Edition

The "Everyone Touch Debra Messing"

"But not on her upper thigh! What are you doing?"

The Colors

This one is giving off some real Spice Girls vibes.

The Cafe

Okay, this one is pretty cute.

Images: NBC