'Frozen' Will Become a Disney on Ice Show & We All Should Have Seen This Coming

We've seen Frozen in many different forms since the movie actually came out. There are a thousand and one YouTube parodies, a thousand and one song covers, and Frozen will even join Once Upon a Time in season four starting with a live action Elsa and the tease that a live action Anna might soon join her. However, there's going to be another official adaptation of Frozen in Disney canon and, in hindsight, we should have all seen this one coming. Frozen is going to become a Disney on Ice show, which basically means that the ending scene where Elsa, Anna, and all of their subjects skate around the ice rink in the courtyard is now going to be the whole show.

The show begins in September and will require around 39 cast members with a giant blizzard created by 20 snow machines. Bringing Frozen to Disney on Ice could be Disney's way of apologizing to the rabid fans of the film. After all, Frozen merchandise has been steadily selling out, leaving parents to scramble for toys and dresses, and there are no plans to make a sequel to Frozen just yet. The best way to get your Frozen fix these days is to watch your blu-ray disc until it starts skipping.

Despite that, Frozen isn't fading from the forefront of the public consciousness any time soon, so Disney needed to pull out the short-term big guns if they wanted to avoid mass rioting or more nasty comments on their Facebook page. The Disney on Ice show could be the whole reason why Disney isn't trying to ride out the Frozen wave with a direct-to-video sequel. After all, sequels and Hollywood go together like lungs and air, so it seemed a little suspicious that there were no plans for a sequel even while Frozen was breaking record after record.

Disney on Ice shows typically feature vignettes from Disney films, not unlike a Disney-themed variety show, but Frozen's Disney on Ice show will be mainly based around the movie. It would be safe to assume that this is not, as the New York Times reports, in part because the film's story already involves so much ice, but also because Frozen is more popular than all the other Disney movies put together. In fact, that's only a slight exaggeration. No offense to Pinocchio, but I can't remember a single song from his movie whereas I can list every song on the Frozen soundtrack forwards and backwards.

The Frozen show will be bookended by Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as is to be expected from a Disney production, and tickets go on sale Tuesday. Only time will tell if this will be the next big way Disney can profit off of Frozen's insane popularity.

Image: Disney