Will There Be a 'Frozen 2'? Nope! And That's Actually The Best News Ever

As Elsa slash Idina Menzel would sing, let it go, people. Turns out, there isn't a Frozen sequel in development, but contrary to all of the feels you THINK you're having right now, it's actually the best news ever. Tell me, fellow Disney aficionados — when has there ever been a good Disney sequel to a musical (non-musicals like Toy Story discounted) that's on par with the mastery of its animated predecessor?

I'll tell you: never.

In fact, back in Disney's heyday — which is what many folks, myself included, have said that Frozen 's tuneful vim and vigor has revivedthese sequels went to straight to VHS. They were simply cogs in a commercial machine, ploys to get parents to buy their kids something to watch when they were home sick with strep throat. Watching The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride probably only ruined the glory of the original for you, and if you owned Aladdin: The Return of Jafar — or worse, Aladdin And The King Of Thieves (and I had both) you probably wondered why your parents purchased you that anti-gift in the first place.

Disney made the blasphemous mistake of capitalizing on some of their regaled classics, like Cinderella and Bambi by giving them the direct-to-video sequel treatment, and none of these sequels would have made Walt happy in the slightest. (Also, what the hell could have happened in Cinderella 2? I'd sooner vouch for Real Housewives of The Magical Kingdom than that confectionary disaster.)

You may love "Let It Go," and "For The First Time In Forever," but you don't need to build a snowman again. It's not the best thing to take a great movie and add to it. A better way of succeeding Frozen would be to enlist the film's masterful composer and lyricist team, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, to make a new Disney animated musical film. Rather than try to recreate something, why not capitalize on Frozen's enormous, record-breaking success ("from the makers of the enormous hit, Frozen!") to give audiences even more new family-friendly, triumphant songs to sing (and, in the spirit of Frozen, more parodies and mashups).

Disney could have another era of masterpieces if it follows the spirit and trend of Frozen, without trying to recreate it. Because let's be honest. Can you recall one song from Belle's Magical Kingdom? No, but you do remember "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" from Mulan.

So, for once and for all: let it go.


Image: Disney; Frozen GIF