34 Things You've Thought During Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is the Ironman of yoga classes. Whether it's actual bikram — where you do 26 specific poses in a 105-degree studio — or just regular yoga in a heated room, you know you're going to sweat your face off. We go because we know it's calming, detoxifying and all that other good stuff; but being there is a test of not just your yogic abilities, but also your stamina and, sometimes, your sense of fitness masochism. If you've had any of the below thoughts any time between sunrise salutations and savasana, we feel you:

1. 105 degrees?

That's a great beach day. I can handle this.

2. It'll be like detox.

73 percent chance that I'll be sweating out all those margs I drank this weekend...

3. Do I really need a towel?

I mean, it's a whole extra dollar.

4. Hm, it is toasty in here.

5. Wow, must have missed the Lulu memo.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

6. This isn't so bad.

Inhale, exhale. I got this.

7. Ah, the stretching feels so good!

8. Wow, downward dog is so much easier when it's hot.

9. This teacher's voice is so, so soothing.

If I wasn't contorting my limbs, I could fall right asleep.

10. I really should have gotten a pedicure.

11. OK, I'm officially hot.

12. I didn't know I was even capable of sweating this much.

13. Wait, you want me to put my leg where?

14. Oh, like it's so easy.

15. What if someone let one rip right now?

Please don't let it be me.

16. Hold up, this class is 90 minutes?

17. And it's only been 20 minutes?

18. How much longer until savasana?

19. Yes, I really need a towel.

20. How am I supposed to focus on my breathing?

My lungs are being compressed by the heat.

21. This isn't a yoga studio, we're on the freakin' sun.

22. Ugh, haven't you heard of deodorant, dude?

23. Wait, do I smell? I might smell.

24. How are these people so freakishly strong?

25. Do they even have bones?

26. How is that girl not sweating?

27. I think I'm actually melting.

28. I would literally kill for some water right now.

29. Why exactly did I decide to do this?

30. Everyone else feels awkward about happy baby, too, right?

31. I'm dying.

32. I'm dead.

33. My favorite pose!

34. I think I deserve a big, sweaty hug for surviving that.

Main Image: Wong Sze Fei/Fotolia.