One Direction's Zayn Malik Buys Mother-in-Law a House, Sets Unrealistic Romantic Expectations

When Zayn Malik got engaged to Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, you could practically hear half the 12 year old girls in the world screaming and wailing and giving up on their dreams. Regardless of whether or not Zayn Malik was actually their favorite member of One Direction, it was still painful for them to deal with the fact that there are now only four members of the band left to seduce and marry. If this sounds ridiculous to you, please note that Zayn Malik has bought his future mother-in-law a house, which gives everyone a whole new reason to be jealous of his fiancée.

It's not the first time that Malik has given a house as a gift. As was revealed by the documentary movie This Is Us, Malik bought his own mother a house in Bradford, England just as soon as he had the money. Still, there's a difference between giving your family the dream house they've always wanted and buying your fiancée's mother a house when you haven't even married her yet. After all, what if Edwards and Malik end up breaking off the engagement? Does Edwards' mother get to keep the house rent-free?

Perrie Edwards was going to help her mother Debbie move to the southern county of England by footing the bill for a mortgage on a house when Malik offered to buy the house outright. Presumably, Edwards and Debbie did what anyone would in their position: argue against it for just long enough to be polite and then swiftly agree to let one of the members of the richest boy band in British music history buy them a house. I wouldn't even bother to argue at all, to be honest, which is probably why I'm not engaged to a millionaire already.

According to the Daily Mirror, Malik gets along very well with Edwards' family, so the gesture isn't quite as unbelievably generous as it seems. Sure, Malik might be bribing her family to love him just a little bit, if they already love him then the gift is also mostly coming from his heart. Just like that, Zayn Malik has given women around the world unrealistic expectations about their future spouses. Hold out for the man who would buy your mother a house, ladies.