Do Not Follow Lemonhead On Twitter (Or Anywhere)

The latest thing we wish we hadn't seen/wish didn't exist is the new mascot of Lemonhead candy. We're not sure exactly what kind of people Ferrara Candy Co. invited to whatever focus group they held to come up with this new mascot, but one thing is for sure: Lemonhead 2.0 is utterly terrifying. Gone is the cheeky chappy that used to adorn Lemonheads packaging. He's been replaced by an actual man with a lemon for a head. He tweets. He updates his Facebook page. He takes part in promotional activities. He scares children. OK, that last one was us...

Ferrara's marketing director, Dawn Sykora, told The Chicago Tribune that the brand is trying to appeal to an older demographic. Apparently, people have said the original Lemonhead was a bit dated and it was time for a re-vamp. The changes to the packaging are being unveiled at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago starting Tuesday.

"He’ll be at the Sweets and Snacks show, and also around the city this weekend, doing normal fun things that any 22-year-old would do," Sykora told The Chicago Tribune.

Yes, only he's not a normal 22-year-old, is he?? He's a terrifying half-man-half-fruit creation that should only exist in nightmares!

Lemonhead 2.0 (as we've dubbed him) took over social media communications for the brand on Sunday. Here are some of the most terrifying things he's treated us to so far...

1. He's posted this creepy video

2. He's made candy

There he is, lurking in the background... wearing a hairnet...

3. He's posted this terrifying Facebook photo

No, your giant lemon head makes your head look weird.

4. He's written this Twitter bio




Images: Lemonhead/Facebook, Lemonhead/Twitter