Baby Future Has Been Born!

Ciara and Future are finally parents! When Ciara announced she was pregnant on The View in January, she couldn't stop smiling. In fact, the sheer glee she seemed to be experiencing while she showed off that baby bump made it hard to be anything but happy for her. The mother-to-be even went so far as to spoil her future child by spending $20,000 on a nursery for it, nearly $2,000 of which was devoted to a single eight-foot tall giraffe. Ciara and Future had a baby boy on Monday and the baby is already Internet famous, though not for the reason you might think.

Sure, it's always nice when a new life is brought into the world, but it's not as though Ciara and Future's son is Prince George, who had a Wikipedia page devoted to him before he was even born. Everyone is happy for the new parents, but that's not the reason they're talking about the still-unnamed baby. Future tweeted the news of his son's birth in a way that, combined with the Internet's natural predilection toward gullibility and sarcasm, resulted in the child being referred to as "Baby Future". Regardless of what Ciara and Future actually decide to name him, that's a nickname he might never get rid of.

Future didn't include a picture of the child with the tweet, but it nonetheless started making the rounds. Just as there are certain types of people in the world, there are also certain types of people on the Internet. Whenever there's a birth announcement as simplistic as Future's, fans quickly begin to divide themselves into categories according to their reactions to the news. There's no right way to say congratulations, but there are plenty of inventive ways and Twitter more or less ran the spectrum of them.

The Gullible

The Practical

The Jokesters

The Skeptics