'X-Men' Honest Trailer Shows the Heroes For What They Really Are — VIDEO

Gotta love it when Screen Junkies put their commentary on a movie and make an Honest Trailer, right? Well, what about when we get an one Honest Trailer...for an entire trilogy? Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend's opening of X-Men: Days of Future Past, we've got the Honest Trailer for the X-Men trilogy because why not lump them all together?

The Screen Junkies make some pretty keen observations, as they always do. But in this video, the most blatant observation is that the third installment of the trilogy was godawful — you've never heard a sneer quite like the one you'll hear when the narrator says the name "Brett Ratner." Other important observations include points about Storm's accent, Jean Grey's staring abilities (POWERFUL), Wolverine's probable use of steroids (no, no — that's not how he dies in the comic books, guys), and Mystique's costume...how it's...not really a costume. We get too see these mutants for what they are!

They also make another valid point: in a world where superpowers are regaled...mutant powers are maligned? Weird one, comic book world, but as long as you give us two awesome movies for every one subpar one, we're okay with it. And as long as these movies inspire Screen Junkies to make Honest Trailers, then by all means!

Check it out below! But be sure to watch til the end — the way the narrator reads off the cast list is pretty excellent.

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Image: Twentieth Century Fox