Justin Bieber Serves As Rick Ross’ Hype Man & It’s Even More Cringe-worthy Than It Sounds — VIDEO

Justin Bieber is a strange creature in that many of the things he does make other people feel embarrassed for him, yet he seems to have no qualms with any of his actions. The latest event that fits this description is Justin Bieber rapping along to a Tupac song and serving as Rick Ross' hype man during Ross' performance at a Cannes Film Festival party. It is no surprise that Bieber would join Ross on stage during a performance because he has a steady track record of getting the most attention he can whenever possible (See: riding a horse in this ridiculous getup, everything he's ever done), but it is surprising just how cringe-worthy video footage of Bieber's performance-ish thing really is.

Because TMZ so kindly edited footage of Bieber's time on stage, we really get to see exactly how things progressed from "Eh, fine" to "Ahhhh! That is so awkward. Noooo not Tupac!!!" The video starts off pretty normal with Bieber gesturing for the crowd to raise their hands during "All I Do Is Win." It should be noted, at this point Bieber is wearing a shirt. The next scene shows Bieber, still wearing a shirt, pouring what appears to be beer all over the crowd as if this is a good thing. Having beer poured on you is never a good thing. It turns the most hype "Oh my gawd, can you believe Justin Bieber is here? That's so cray" moment into a sticky, smelly mess immediately. There is no overcoming beer getting spilled on you until you take a shower and adding insult to injury this beer was spilled on purpose.

After that we seem to be missing a transition scene because the next thing you know, Bieber is off the stage, shirtless, and rapping along to "Dear Mama" by Tupac. In case it hadn't already occurred to you, a shirtless Justin Bieber rapping the line "Huggin on my mama from a jail cell" is not something the world needed. But really, isn't that the beauty of Justin Bieber? Every time you think he's done all of the random, embarrassing to hear about things you thought were possible, there he is with another one.