Did You Really Eat That, Miley?

You've read the articles and seen the photos. Celebrity A orders an animal-style double double at In 'N' Out during an interview with a glossy fashion magazine. Style Blogger B posts an Instagram pic of herself about to chow down on a banana split. Celebrity C waxes poetic about how much she looooves to eat pasta. Loves it! Can't get enough of it! While there are certainly people who can eat whatever they want and remain thin, it's definitely possible that a lot of this ostentatious eating is done for show. That burger may have been the only non-macrobiotic meal A has eaten in weeks, the delicious ice cream sundae may have gone to waste, and Celeb C may love pasta, but rumor has it she only indulges on her monthly "cheat day." If you think your favorite movie or style star's ostentatious appetite rings a little false, then the @YouDidNotEatThat Instagram account is for you.

The account chronicles the alleged culinary adventures of celebs, models, and other professionally skinny people, and skewers them for their suspect Instagram claims of gluttony. As part of a staff of people who often start the day with bodega breakfast sandwiches, call fried chicken on a biscuit the ideal lunch, and top it all off with Chipotle for dinner, I'm personally annoyed by the "I love to pig out" persona that these celebs are trying on for size (0). The "My body is what society portrays as the physical ideal, AND I get to reap those benefits, AND I get to eat gluttonous food" cool girl act probably doesn't make people empowered to pig out — it makes them feel jealous and inadequate.

Not only is it highly upsetting to think of all that delicious food wasted (a moment of silence for the donuts, please), I can't help but consider the pernicious message these images and interviews could send. Maybe some people look at these pictures and think "Hey, even super models eat pasta! No need to be so strict with myself! Body love!" But I think that more people will respond with feelings of inadequacy. I'm not one for skinny shaming — some people are just naturally thin and they shouldn't be faulted for that — but you know how I reconcile my ego with the fact that my body doesn't look like the average celebrity's? By realizing that most of them work really freaking hard for that body. They have trainers and dietitians and personal chefs. If they all are really regularly getting down with giant chocolatey desserts, then it just makes me feel like I came up short in the genetic lottery.

Check out some of the account's photos and captions below, and decide for yourself if these ladies actually ate that.

Images: @YouDidNotEatThat