Will Meryl Davis Return for 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 19? 6 Ways It Could Happen

This Olympian went for the gold... and, once again, she got it. Dancing With The Stars Season 18 has officially crowned a winner, and this time it was Meryl Davis who got to take home the Mirror Ball trophy. Meryl, alongside her dance partner (and, hopefully, secret boyfriend?!) Maksim Chmerkovskiy danced all the way to the top spot in the competition, beating out Amy Purdy and partner Derek Hough in second place and Candance Cameron Bure and partner Mark Ballas in third.

Really, though, is anyone surprised that Meryl took home the top spot? The 2014 Olympic Champion in ice dancing (a title she won alongside Charlie White, who later became her friendly competition on Dancing With The Stars) proved that she had what it took to get to the finale from the second she shimmied across the stage. (The insane chemistry between her and Maks didn't hurt, either.) Plus, there's her background in ice dancing — she's literally one of the best ice dancers in the world, and it obviously translated well to dancing on the stage. The girl was born to win Dancing With The Stars. We're just sad to see her go!

But maybe she doesn't have to. After all, everyone loves Meryl, right? It would be amazing to see Meryl back on DWTS. How could she make another appearance? Here's how Dancing With The Stars could bring back Meryl in Season 19.

As a professional dancer

Sure, she's used to dancing on the ice, but as her time on Dancing With The Stars proved, she could easily make the transition over to stage dancing. The only painful part of this would be seeing her dance with someone who wasn't her Olympic partner Charlie White... OR Maks.

As a contestant (again!)

Scott Halleran/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

If Dancing With The Stars ever does another All-Star edition, Meryl should be the first person the show books.

As a judge

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Meryl would be an awesome addition to the judge's panel. She's gracious enough to give constructive criticism without making anyone break down into tears, and knows how the game works from the contestant angle.

As a host

Meryl's sweet personality and openness would make her the perfect person for other contestants to chat with about their DWTS experience.

As a guest performer

She could show the new contestants next season exactly what it takes to nab that Mirrored Ball trophy.

As Maks' badass wife

Oh my God please just get married already.

Image: ABC, tumblr