Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Meryl Davis May Be Dating For Real: They've Been Going On "Dates"

I know you're as emotionally invested in the future of Dancing With The Stars' Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis as I am. So are Maks and Meryl dating yet? They haven't gone public — well, except for their insane chemistry on and off the dance floor on DWTS — but they might be secretly going on dates. DWTS ' real life Beauty and her Beast, who finally got their first perfect score during Party Anthems week, have been seeing a lot of each other lately outside of the dance studio. And that can only mean one thing. (At least we hope it only means one thing.)

I know what you're going to say: They're probably just really good friends. But I beg to differ — my theory holds water mostly because they two of them seem permanently joined at the hip. They're lunching together, doing press together, traveling together, and apparently taking adorable photos of one another every chance they get. Basically, Maks and Meryl seem to be doing everything they can to scream "WE'RE IN LOVE, WE'RE IN LOVE, AND WE DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT," without actually screaming it. I mean, it wouldn't be fair to the other partners for them to win over the voters by being an adorable couple (even though it's totally worked on me).

So, here's photographic evidence that Maks and Meryl have been going on not-so-secret dates right in front of our eyes — but obviously we were so blinded by their chemistry to even see anything else:

The First Date

Perhaps the first paparazzi-documented date for the pair — on Mar. 25, Maks and Meryl were spotted at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills having a late lunch before practice. Yes, I know, bonding with your dance partner is important — but this is pretty intimate.

The Bellini Date

C'mon — this was obviously a date. If it were a group-thing, the others would've definitely been included in the photo.

The "Meryl Went To Maks' House & COOKED FOR HER" Date

Sure, the caption says that Tony and Val were also there — but look at that feast and that impressive presentation and that detailed table setting. Maks was obviously trying to impress Meryl without making it seem too over-the-top by inviting his brother and Tony.

The 2014 Women of the World Luncheon Date

On May 1, Maks was Meryl's date to the 2014 Women of the World Luncheon at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Again — obviously a date. I mean, she could've brought her BFF Charlie White with her or anyone else really, but she chose Maks. That means something.

The "Meryl Was There When Maks Got His Angel Award" Date

Meryl shot this quick photo of her "non-boyfriend" as he received his Angel Award for his dedication to Childhelp. Oh, and she called him a "special guy" in the caption. #DATING

The Cryotherapy Date

Clearly Maks only brought his friend Sergio along to make this look like it wasn't a date. But really, Maks brought Meryl to one of his favorite recovery spots when dancing takes a toll on his impressive frame. They've officially surpassed the generic date phase at this point.

This Random Photo Date

There is absolutely no context for this photo, but what we do know is that Maks and Meryl are obviously hanging out and doing silly things together. Like pretending to talk on that old, archaic, object: the public pay phone. And they're so obsessed with their little adventurous "date" that Meryl's snapping pics of Maks doing silly things. So they've even past "official date" mode and just onto "we can do whatever and love it" mode.

See, I told you they were going on not-so-secret dates. MAKS + MERYL = 4EVER

Image: MaksimChmerkovskiy/Instagram (4), MerylDavis/Instagram (2)