Tonys 2013 Ratings Surge and Neil Patrick Harris Did Not Say the N-Word

Well, now the Academy Awards will surely be taking some tabs from the Tonys. Because the 2013 installment of the Broadway awards show raked in some impressive ratings just one year after the Tonys hit an all-time low. While the Tonys attracted just 6 million viewers in 2012, the 2013 ceremony brought in 7.24 million, accounting for a 20 percent increase in just 12 months.

This is thanks, no doubt, to venerable host Neil Patrick Harris, who is earning raves for his spirited opening. From everyone except, of course, The Daily Mail, whose staffers surely need their ears checked after claiming Harris dropped the n-word during his song-and-dance number. (Instead, it's more likely the host merely flubbed his lyrics while singing with Mike Tyson, who is understandably distracting.)

So, yes, Academy, give us more numbers like this, and maybe we'll actually want to tune in this year:

Image: Getty Images