Andi Dorfman’s ‘Bachelorette’ Premiere Had an Awesome Surprise But It Didn’t Make the Cut

Each season of The Bacherlor/ette, the Bachelor or Bachelorette writes a blog for which gives their personal view on everything that happened on each episode. Andi Dorfman kicked off her Bachelorette blog with a post about the limo arrivals, first cocktail party, and rose ceremony of the premiere. Most of what Andi says in this inaugural blog post is pretty obvious. We already knew that she was excited to see her future husband step out of the limo and how she felt about Chris Bukowski crashing the party, but Andi does let us in on a surprise that didn't make the final cut. Andi's father showed up at the cocktail party and got to hang out with the guys on their very first night.

Andi writes,

Despite one party crasher already, there was actually one other surprise guest that night too ... my father. I was in the middle of talking to some of the guys and Chris Harrison walked in and told me that there's someone else to see me. I turned around and I have never in my life been more surprised. I could not believe that my father was standing in the Bachelor mansion! I wish you could have seen my reaction, because honestly, it was priceless.

What? How was this not part of the show?! I'm guessing it's because the hometown dates are supposed to be the first time the suitors meet the family and also because the premiere episode was only an hour and a half instead of the usual two hours. Anyway, Andi's dad was there, so not only were these men nervous to meet the woman who could be their wife for the first time, they also had to chat with her dad. There were probably a few more cocktails at this cocktail party than usual.

Andi went on to say,

My dad spent some time with the guys and that made me really, really anxious. I love my father so much but I didn't want him to intimidate or scare any of the guys. To my pleasant surprise, each of the guys loved talking to my father – or at least that's what they told me! He was a huge hit that night and everyone seemed to enjoy him. I still can't believe my dad flew out to surprise me. I really loved seeing him and I hope he enjoyed his time in the mansion. I wonder if he had any guesses about who he would meet at the end?

Because of continuity, Andi's father will probably not be shown mentioning his earlier visit during the hometown dates. It would've been cool to see him on TV though! I'm sure it caused a ton of nervous, sweaty moments for the guys. Maybe ABC is saving all of that up for the "Men Tell All" blooper reel. We all know that blooper reel is coming. It's a Bachelorette standard.

Image: ABC