Anna Kendrick & 'Pitch Perfect 2' Cast Photo From the Set Is Very Cheerful — PHOTO

Aca-mazing. Yeah, you knew I'd say that, but seriously, it's the most appropriate thing to say at a moment like this. We now have a new photo from the Pitch Perfect 2 set, and it's just another piece of evidence that, yes, this sequel is coming. May 2015, can you come any closer? Maybe if we all break out into a joint a cappella effort? Would that help? But until then, this new photo, which features the Barden Bellas looking as stunning as ever, should satiate your appetite.

It's not the first glimpse we've got into the sequel, though. We recently were psyched when we got to see a photo of all of the Bellas in their team jackets, and prior to that, Rebel Wilson tweeted a photo of the cast assembling on set, just not quite in character. There's something about seeing these ladies in character that just gets you so... aca-psyched.

So, what do we need next? Well, more pics, for one, but we're definitely due for a teaser trailer in the near future, which hopefully will feature some of the Bellas' signature harmonies. Maybe we'll even get a musical glimpse into some of the songs that these ladies will be re-vamping.

Anyway, check it out. Try not to sing with excitement — ah, who am I kidding. Go for it.