First 'Pitch Perfect 2' Cast Photo Shows All Your Favorites in Their Bellas Jackets — PHOTO

Aca-bitches! Here's something that will make your day aca-mazing. This is the first photo from Pitch Perfect 2 . Yes, we've seen the first set photo, but this is like, legit, with all of the ladies in their Barden Bellas jackets and everything. You know what this means: the sequel to the original is coming even closer. It's a reality!

We're getting more pieces of exciting news regarding the sequel on the regular. We recently found out that Katey Sagal was joining the cast as a yet-to-be-determined, but definitely older role. Prior to that, we learned that we had not one, but two new Barden Bellas, coming to us in the forms of Hailee Steinfeld and the up-and-coming Chrissie Fit. We also know that Elizabeth Banks is going to be at the helm of this sequel, and it's assuring us that this movie has the possibility to be even better than its predecessor.

Getting the first real photo from the movie just ups the ante a bit more. Now what we need are video teasers — and I'm not talkin' any video teasers, I'm talkin' songs. What's going to be the "Cups" of 2015?!

But for now, just keep playing your original soundtrack, and check out this photo. You know exactly what it is — all together now, please — aca-mazing.

Image: Imgur