Does Phillip Phillips Still Have a Girlfriend? Get the Low Down on the 'American Idol' Alum

The season of American Idol will be soon upon us, and a joyous new winner will soon be crowned. But like the ritual crowning of beauty pageant winners, this winner must be blessed by the ghosts of American Idol seasons past. Season 11 winner Candice Glover hasn't had much time to make a name for herself yet, so that means there's one man who'll be the past winner representative: Phillip Phillips.

Phillips is just released his second album, Behind the Light, so the timing isn't too shabby either. But like most celebrities, the biggest question isn't about what they're working on, or how good their work is, or even what they're wearing. As Google results will tell you, it's: "Do they have a girlfriend?"

Unfortunately for those playing along at home, the answer for Phillips is still "Yes." His girlfriend, Hannah Blackwell, stayed with him through his stint on American Idol and has stuck by him in his newfound fame. Phillips, now 25, met Blackwell when he was just 18. Last November, he gushed to Elle Magazine about how smart she is, saying "Well my girlfriend is a lot smarter than me so she comes on the road and handles some of the business aspects. She meets me at some points. Like I said, she's smarter than me and likes to read so she goes over things I look past." And Blackwell is equally mushy about Phillips on Twitter, so it doesn't look like these two are headed for a split anytime soon.