How to Have a July 4th Barbecue in a Studio Apartment Without Burning the Place Down

Throwing a July 4th barbecue is difficult when you live in an apartment, and it's especially difficult if you don't have roof access. The kitchen space is limited, the threat of noise complaints from your neighbors is always lingering, and there is never enough booze.

You may be thinking it's easier to just go out for some good ribs and brisket, and while I support that idea, I did go to the trouble of gathering this list of everything you need to throw a little long weekend celebration at home. Give it a shot.

counter top grill

Obviously you’re going to need a grill, and since you (probably) don’t have a backyard, this countertop one will have to do. Cook up steaks, veggies, buns, anything your heart desires.

Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine 13 in. Counter top Grill, $26,

patriotic stick flags

Next you’ll need some patriotism. Your options are to either bake an apple pie or sprinkle these flags around the living room, up to you.

Stick Flags, $10,

sweet potato frites and dip

Now that you have your mandatory grill and flags, pop these sweet potato fries from Trader Joe’s in the oven and let them bake while you cook up some burgers.

Image: Trader Joe’s

phyllo pigs in a blanket

You can’t have a BBQ without some hotdogs, or my personal favorite, pigs in a blanket. Try these phyllo pigs in a blanket from Big Girls Small Kitchen.

Image: Big Girls Small Kitchen

mustard brussels sprouts

I make this particular brussels sprouts recipe from A Beautiful Mess regularly. It’s that good. All you need is some mustard, sesame seeds, and white wine vinegar.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

watercolor stripe bunting flags or banners

These watercolor stripe flags (or banners if you choose to string them) from StudioDIY are a super simple and patriotic way to add some red, white, and blue DIY to your apartment.

Image: StudioDIY

avocado and feta guacamole

Guacamole is another party must-have. Try this avocado and feta combo from Simply Scratch.

Image: Simply Scratch

ginger beergaritas

Combine some party staples with this ginger beergarita cocktail from How Sweet It Is.

Image: How Sweet It Is

watercolor straw flags

These DIY straw flags from Oh Happy Day are both subtle and functional, perfect for an apartment barbecue!

Image: Oh Happy Day

vodka and rum soaked gummy bears

These vodka and rum-soaked gummy bears from A Beautiful Mess are super easy to make, and what’s a party without some candy anyway?

Image: A Beautiful Mess

fresh watermelon jell-o and sea salt

Finally, the dessert you’ve been waiting for. Try this refreshing watermelon jell-o and sea salt recipe from A Beautiful Mess

Image: A Beautiful Mess