13 Barbecue Sides That Are So Good, They’ll Put Your Brisket to Shame

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On Memorial Day, there are two things we hold dear: our country and our barbecue. Like true patriots, we’ll fight for our right to all things smoky and good. A beautiful slab of brisket will bring tears to our eyes — and if you dare mention “Memphis” over some Texas ‘cue, be ready for an all-out brawl. But when have you ever gone to bat for coleslaw? For creamed spinach or potato gratin?

Our sides deserve better. After all, they whet our appetites for unholy amounts of meat to come. They get us from course to course, and just when we think we can’t go any further, they offer sweet, meatless relief. So this Memorial Day, let’s take back our sides and give our unsung heroes their due.

Image: Tucker

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