Dad & Teen Daughter Lip-Synch Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" & It's Pretty Damn Rad — VIDEO

Is there any better sort of father-daughter bonding than lip-synching to songs together in a car? Probably not. It's delightful, endearing, silly, and a little eye roll inducing (oh, Dad, don't put on your baseball cap!), but in the best way possible. That's why this video of a dad lip-synching Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" with his daughter is pretty sweet. But why "Fancy" of all songs? Because this daughter didn't want to sing Frozen. Sooo overplayed, ugh, Dad! So be warned, kids: if your dad knows the words to "Fancy," this means your dad might be... cool.

But what this may also mean is that "Fancy" is pretty mainstream and has reached such a height of ubiquity, to the point of, well, a dad knowing the lyrics. Not to mention, the song is so top-40 that it's on children's playlists, probably right underneath "Let It Go." And I'm not going to lie — it's always a tad disconcerting, you know, in the Kidz Bop sort of way, when a kid casually mouths the words to a song by a singer known for singing about her lady parts.

But no matter. This is cute and worth watching. And a special bonus to the Dad, who does not make a huge awkward kerfuffle over any mistakes he makes.

You can check it out below:

boytoyjesse21 on YouTube

Image: boytoyjesse21/Youtube