Iggy Azalea's 'DWTS' Finale Flub Was So, So Awkward — VIDEO

Tuesday night's Dancing with The Stars finale was so many things. First of all, Maks and Meryl were crowned the winners and we can tell that they are totally in love with each other (sooo... are Maks and Meryl dating?), and oh, there was a lot of glitter, too. But something amidst all the fabulosity that is DWTS went awry. Iggy Azalea made a serious flub during her live performance of "Fancy," proving that no matter how "fancy" a rapper is, live performances are not always perfect.

Azalea started off the performance with her usual swagger, but then — you'll see it; it's early on in the video — she looked absolutely flustered. She apologized because there was something "wrong with her ear," and then proceeded to not rap for part of the first verse. Ultimately, she recovered and proceeded to rap, dance, and be so very "Fancy," but you gotta wonder, do rappers and singers ever have a protocol in case of a technical emergency — especially when it's on television for millions of viewers to witness?

Still, it's no matter. The song's still catchy and it's not like this little mistake could take away from the glory that was the rest of the DWTS finale. The sexiest not-quite almost-couple of all time, Maks and Meryl, won, and hopefully they will now proceed to have dancing babies. All is okay in the world.

You can watch Azalea's performance, flub and all, below: