'Maleficent's Elle Fanning Had a Terrifying Promposal & He's Lucky She Said Yes — VIDEO

The art of the promposal is a very delicate thing. Let's ignore for a moment the fact that this is such a life-changing event that our generation felt the need to invent an entire separate word for it and just focus on the difference between a good promposal and a bad promposal. It's important to strike the right tone between actually surprising someone and outright deception. These days, it seems like the more elaborate the game is the better and no one is exempt to them. Not even Elle Fanning and her prom date, as the Maleficent star revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night.

Fanning's promposal was one of the heart attack inducing kind. She received a call from the guy saying that he'd gotten in a car accident and needed her to come out to the car. Her panic pretty much distracted her from the whole "will you be my date to prom" aspect of things. How the guy expected someone to switch gears from OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY to hey, yeah, sure I'll go to prom with you is beyond me, but I'm sure it sounded like a good idea at the time. At least he didn't send her a fake college rejection letter as a prom invitation.

While the elevating of the promposal to a cultural staple is nice, in that prom is basically one of the defining events of a teenager's life, there is such a thing as taking it way, way too far. It's easy to argue that the lengths people need to go to in order to make sure their potential dates are actually surprised when the invitation itself comes are getting higher and higher, I'm not sure the ends justify the means here. A person can't go to prom with you if you give them a heart attack so severe that they have to miss the dance, now can they?

Luckily, Fanning seemed to find the story more hilarious than shocking and she agreed to go to prom with him so there were clearly no hard feelings. Whether or not we'd do the same in her position is irrelevant. There were roses involved, guys. I would at least consider it.

Watch the interview below.