Is This The Plot Of 'Frozen 2?'

Frozen 2, right!?! Nope. Nope. Not happening... yet, even if it is on the mind of every man, woman, child, Hollywood executive, and human, including the composer and lyricist behind the original phenomenon. Kristen Anderson-Lopez tweeted an idea for Frozen 2 ... that involves Olaf and Elsa hooking up. This actually didn't spawn from any bizarre dreamed-up fantasies. She actually found real-life inspiration for the concept. Sound weird? You'll understand when you see the pic below.

Anderson-Lopez was backstage visiting Idina Menzel, The Reigning Queen of Vocal Ferocity, at her currently running Broadway show, If/Then. Josh Gad, who was the voice of Olaf, was also backstage, and she snapped a pic of the two of them sticking out their tongues, pretending to make out. She wrote, "Backstage at IF/THEN we discovered a possible plot for frozen 2!!!!!"

HAHAHA. That would be hilarious... but, hey, Elsa deserves a love interest. Sure, the movie's all about sisterly love, and that a girl certainly doesn't need a man, but why not give her a romantic interest that goes beyond the realm of human love? And who else could better understand her feelings of isolation in the icy world better than a snowman? C'mon, who wouldn't 'ship this couple?

Of course, this is all in jest. After all, as of right now, there aren't any legitimate plans for a Frozen sequel. (Womp womp.) But maybe if enough people affiliated with Frozen make enough jokes on the Internet, they could will it into existence...

For now, check out Idina Menzel and Josh Gad inspiring plot lines with their silliness. Do you want to build a sequel?:

Image: Disney