When is Rachel Bilson Due?

Just at the start of summer, the actress formerly known as Summer Roberts found out that she was pregnant. That's right — Rachel Bilson, the artist formerly known as Summer Roberts, and her boyfriend, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones actor Hayden Christensen discovered that they'll be first-time parents in the near future. Feel old yet? But when in the future, in this galaxy, can we expect this new celebrity baby?

The couple haven't exactly announced it to the press yet. But according to another one of Us Weekly's mysterious "insider sources," the couple has been telling close friends. "They've both talked about this for awhile and are so excited," said Us's sources. "Everyone is beyond thrilled for them." And though the petite star doesn't exactly seem to be sporting a baby bump just yet, it's clear she's happy about the news — in April, Bilson spoke to Cosmopolitan about her desire to have a family. "I definitely have family on the brain," she told the publication. "Having kids is something I want to see in my future — I hope."

So let's do some baby math: The typical etiquette is for parents to announce that they're expecting about two months into the pregnancy. Since, as far as we know, Bilson and Christensen's friends found out this week, that means they could be due around late December of this year to early January of next year.

So maybe the former California girl won't be expecting a sun-kissed baby. But there's no doubt that this winter baby will be fabulous — imagine a birth in a setting much like that of the winter dance in "The SnO.C." episode. Because, you know, Rachel Bilson will always be Summer Roberts from The O.C. and that's exactly what having a baby is like, right?

Either way, congratulations to both soon-to-be-parents. We're sensing that the force will be strong with this one.