9 Best Pool Party Scenes to Ring in Summer

by Casey Rackham

Memorial day means hot dogs, American flags, watermelon, no work, building sandcastles, a shit ton of alcohol, and floppy hats, but it also means pool parties. Now, if you're like me, then that's probably some of the worst news you could ever hear. I love hanging out with friends at the beach, but for some reason, the inclosed space of a pool party makes me want to take a couple shots of tequila and claim a spot next to a bowl of soon-to-be soggy chips. There's just too much pressure to have fun at a pool party, which leads to expectations, which then leads to disappointment. (I swear I'm an optimist!).

BUT, thanks to some of my favorite TV shows and films, I now know how to up my pool game, which will obviously result in a successful pool party. Because, guys, how you enter a pool says everything about you. It doesn't matter where you went to school, what state you were raised in, or how you bring home the dough — it's all about the pool action. Are you a graceful diver? A toe-dipper? A cannonballer? Or are you one of those people on a reclining chair saying, "Ugh, don't get my hair wet"?

Check out some of these fool-proof pool entrances made by film and TV characters, and what it says about them:

1. Ja’mie: Private School Girl — Jumping into the pool with your clothes on.

What it means: She knows how to have a good time. Obviously jumping into the pool with your clothes on means you don't have a care in the world. (And she seriously doesn't since she jumped in with her phone.)

2. Garden State — Not jumping in when everyone else does.

What it means: He's not a risk taker. But then again, we already knew that since this entire movie is about him being a troubled loner.

3. The Social Network — Jumping into the pool from the roof.

What it means: They're adventurous (and possibly missing a piece of their brains).

4. Fast Times at Ridgemont High — Diving in (NSFW)

What it means: She's obscenely comfortable with her body. (Note: This move only works if you have a scorching red-hot bikini.)

5. Harold and Maude — The walk-in.

What it means: She's likes to take her time and enjoy the experience. (She's also extremely calm since she has zero reaction to her son constantly faking his own suicide.)

6. Bob’s Burgers — The "no water" scoot.

What it means: Psh, no water? No problem. They're determined

7. The Way, Way Back — Going down a slide.

What it means: They're excitement-seekers. Everyone knows going down a slide is the best way to enter a pool.

8. Rushmore — Cannonballing.

What it means: He doesn't give a shit. Like, he gives zero shits.

9. Arrested Development — Walking on water.

What it means: Rita (and Gob) like to leave an impression. Jump into a pool? Hell no. They're going to walk on a pool.

Hope this helps you get into the pool this summer. Now dive on in, kiddos!

Images: Fox/Arrested Development; HBO/Ja'mie: Private School Girl; Fox/Bob's Burgers