One half of your favorite reality TV maybe-couple got nearly naked on camera. And there is video. Buckle up. PEOPLE sat down with Dancing With the Stars Season 18 winner Maks Chmerkovskiy and younger brother (and co-star!) Val Chmerkovskiy. They played a game of "Him or Me?" Ya know, a lot like the game Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen played on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. One notable difference: Maks and Val are topless. CLASSIC MAKS AND VAL. Over the course of the game, we find out who hits the gym more, who choreographs more shirtless routines, and so on. And yeah, they take plenty o' brotherly potshots at one another.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. PEOPLE got Maks and Val to dance around sporting nothing but Vivienne Westwood hats for a photo shoot. And the hats are not on their noggins. You follow? The buck naked brothers’ nether regions are obscured by Pharrell "Get Happy" hats. THEY DANCE AROUND WITH HATS OVER THEIR WIENERS. It truly is a sight to behold.

How do the hats stay put? It looks like there might be a band of some sort. It's either a band or magic. When in doubt, always assume magic is involved.

As promised, here's the video. Happy Thursday to you: