Will 'Teen Wolf's Kate Argent Be With Derek Again? She May Be More Into Supernatural Destruction

It's a few weeks away but I'm already so excited for the Season 4 premiere of Teen Wolf. And why wouldn't I be? The Season 3B finale was filled with crazy, intense sequences, a few shirtless moments, and it left us with more questions than most standardized tests. If these Teen Wolf Season 4 spoilers are any indication, looks like we're in for more of the same come June 23. But there is one question that we need answered: What in the hell is going on with Kate Argent?

Last we saw the late Allison's aunt, she got her throat slashed at the end of Season 1 by Peter Hale after he found out Kate killed his entire family. And that was it for young Kate, or so we thought. Apparently that throat slash caused some supernatural effects rather than death. She reappeared in the Season 3B finale after shooting Derek in the chest and revealed herself as... something.

Just look at that face (in the photo above). We have to know what that is. And we also have to know if she will restart a romance with Derek, though shooting him in the chest doesn't seem like the best way to jumpstart some lovin'. So until we get our answers, I've got some theories for us all to chew on:

Kate Is A Balam

Back in March when Season 3B ended its run, Jill Wagner (the actress who plays Kate) tweeted "Enter the were-jaguar" then mysteriously deleted it. So if we're to read into the obviousness of this particular move, we can deduce that Kate is in fact a were-jaguar (or a Balam) and that MTV or the Teen Wolf staffers asked her take down the spoiler.

But where does the term "Balam" come from? From certain Mesoamerican cultures and from another series, Grimm. On that NBC drama, Balams are basically were-jaguars; they grow fur and hair all over their body, they have jaguar-like fangs and the shade of color is not yellow and/or black, it's usually a purple or blue. Sound and look familiar?

Kate Is Just A Messed Up Werewolf

Just like Jackson from Seasons 1 and 2, it's possible that Kate is actually supposed to be a werewolf but the transformation somehow went horribly awry. Jackson became the Kanima because there was a void in his life as he was adopted and believed his adoptive parents did not love him completely. When Kate died, she was basically evil and crazy. The werewolf transformation could have been interrupted for this reason and could have transformed her into something even more unnatural than a werewolf.

Kate Is Or Has Ties With "La Loba"

Yes, yes, I know. To all you Spanish-speakers, la loba literally just means "the she-wolf." But there's so much more to this term. In mythology, "la Loba" is an old woman who collects wolf bones, raises her arms over the bones and sings. Then something amazing happens:

So while many Teen Wolf fans believe it to be true, I personally don't think that Kate can be "La Loba." She very clearly doesn't fit the profile. However, the leader of the South American hunter group, Araya, does fit this description. But herein lies another problem: Araya captured Derek and Peter in order to find out where "la loba" is. Why would she capture the two Hales to find this creature unless they know who it is? So maybe the old woman who can wake the wolves is not "la loba" but the she-wolf she does awaken is that actual "la loba." In which case, congratulations fans, you are correct.

Forget What She Is, What About Her & Derek?

Sorry, fans. Any hope that Kate and Derek would be able to start up a romance again was wiped away by Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis. He told reporters he thought it was finally time for Derek to have a healthy relationship. Considering his last few potential mates have included a crazy hunter who licked his abs while she tortured him (Kate) and a scary murderer, Davis is right. It really is about time.

We'll find out soon which one of these theories, if any, is correct but in the meantime if you need me, I'll just be re-watching this promo.


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