This 'PLL' Guy Is Going To Live

I know you're anxiously awaiting this news. Well, wait no longer. Pretty Little Liars Season 5 will premiere on June 10 and a certain English teacher will live to tell his tales. That's right, people, — Ezra Fitz will survive getting shot in the Season 4 finale. And he's going to try to right a few of the major wrongs he committed before he played the hero. #PoorEzra has turned into #EzraHasRisen.

Now, before we get excited — everyone's favorite English teacher isn't going to pop up out of his hospital bed with a miraculous recovery during the premiere in a few weeks. In the previously released Season 5 premiere promo, we see that Aria's taken up shop at his bedside with no intention of leaving. So, yes, Ezra will live — eventually — but PLL fans will be locked in the endless battle of knowing what the characters don't and getting really frustrated about it.

Anyway, thanks to E!'s TV Scoop Team, we've learned that Ezra will not kick the bucket this year, which we kind of already figured out, thanks to Ian Harding's Instagram posts from the PLL set. But, there's something more — something you'll either come out cheering for on June 10 or will infuriate you almost as much as watching Aria kneel at Ezra's bedside. Ezria is a go in Season 5 — meaning, Ezra is going to win Aria over yet again and she's going to conveniently forget about her Season 4 breakdown and all of the shit Mr. Fitz put her through to get her there. Does he really deserve a season chance? Not in my book and here's why:

He Used Her Bigtime

I mean, HELLO. Ezra admitted that he was only dating Aria to get close to Alison's friends so he could write the next Great American Mystery Novel. Nice, real nice. For lack of a better word, Ezra is essentially a predator — he knew that Aria was friends with Ali and he targeted her and charmed her pants off (literally), all in the name of his "investigation". But we should totally believe that his intentions are genuine regarding getting back together now that he's survived being shot? Hell no.

He Straight Up Told Her She Was A Rebound

Again — Ezra was IN LOVE with Alison. And when she "died," he turned to Aria. Mostly for his novel but also because, well, he was probably sad and lonely. Aria was his rebound girl — how can she get back into a relationship with a guy who basically said that to her face? You suck, Ezra.

He Ruined Her Relationship With Her Parents

Seriously, Aria's parents have all but disappeared since then. I mean, they had affairs and broke up and were attacked by a killer swarm of bees. But nothing compares to the epic blow up between Aria and her parents about her relationship with Ezra. (Spoiler alert: they did NOT approve.) Now she more or less lives on her own with Mike because her parents can't even be in Rosewood anymore. Nice one, Ezra — she's a teenage girl, she could probably use some parental guidance from time to time.

He Broke Her Heart...Twice

SERIOUSLY, HOW THE HELL COULD SHE AGREE TO GET BACK TOGETHER WITH HIM? Ezra broke Aria's heart when Maggie came to town and then again when he admitted that their relationship was a sham. Hasn't Aria been through enough, I. Marlene King? Does she really need to get back together with Ezra just for him to break up with her again and make her feel sad and uncomfortable at school and until the end of time? Aria more or less had a nervous breakdown the most recent time she and Ezra called it quits — cut her some slack, jeez.

He Manipulates Her

Ezra has been a master manipulator since day one of their relationship. He breaks up with Aria, pisses her off, but then comes crawling back saying that he can't stand to be away from her. And so the vicious circle goes. Ezra more or less manipulated her with their relationship into a position where Aria was completely isolated by her family and friends because of their secret. This guy is just bad news. So, I'm not sorry for not wanting to give him whatever chance number he's on at this point. It's time for Aria to move on.

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