'Godzilla' Director Gareth Edwards to Head 'Star Wars' Spinoff Film Because Clearly 'Star Wars' Needs More Spinoffs

Star Wars Episode VII hasn't even finished production yet and there's already talk of a spinoff. To be fair, it's not a spinoff of Star Wars VII, but a spinoff of Star Wars in general, but still. It makes sense, considering the fact that the first Star Wars film came out in 1977 has not caused it to fade from the public consciousness in the slightest, but it just proves that Hollywood knows how to jump on a franchise when they sniff one. Godzilla director Gareth Edwards will direct the Star Wars spinoff, which already has a release date despite not even having a plot yet.

Godzilla has been killing at the box office and already has a sequel planned, so it looks like the very first Star Wars spinoff film will be in good hands with Edwards. In fact, Edwards is a huge Star Wars fan. "Ever since I saw Star Wars I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life — join the Rebel Alliance! I could not be more excited and honored to go on this mission with Lucasfilm," Edwards said in the official statement that was released on StarWars.com.

The spinoff will be the first of "multiple stand-alone movies that will offer new stories beyond the core Saga". It makes sense. The galaxy is kind of a big place, so naturally there are probably millions more stories to be told there than just the ones that follow on the heels of anything Luke, Leia, and Han decide to do. That much is reflected in the Star Wars expanded universe of cartoons, comics, and books that tell the stories that the films couldn't.

Whether these are the ones making the jump to the screen or if Lucasfilm plans to tell completely new ones remains to be seen, but there is one thing for certain at this stage. If they start making multiple stand-alone movies in the Star Wars universe, we could be squeezing into the theaters to see the new Star Wars movie until we're all living in space ourselves. Clear your schedule for December 16, 2016, Star Wars fans.