Katharine McPhee Filed For Divorce From Nick Cokas & It's About Time

They are never, ever, ever getting back together. At least, we assume not. Katharine McPhee has filed for divorce from Nick Cokas, her husband of six years, and the only real question is why it took so long. In fact, most people might have assumed that McPhee and Cokas had gotten divorced already considering the fact that they have been separated for a year.

According to McPhee's rep, Cokas and McPhee have an amicable relationship and will maintain a friendship after the divorce. Whether it will be Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin level amicable, where McPhee's entire next album will be devoted to songs about Cokas, or if it will be Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom level amicable, where it's hard to believe the two of them aren't still married, still remains to be seen. It's most likely that McPhee and Cokas will fall somewhere in the middle, as I'm pretty sure the only people who can achieve Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's level of amicable exes is Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom.

McPhee and Cokas' relationship seems like it should be complicated by the fact that McPhee was caught kissing Smash director Michael Morris in October 2013, but perhaps the last seven months were spent overcoming that hurdle so as not to put each other through a messy public divorce. If so, it would certainly explain why they waited for a year of separation to pass before they finally filed those divorce papers.

Sure, Cokas and McPhee were reportedly working on their marriage back in March, but at this point it seems like it would be a better idea for them to both move on. It's easier to rebuild the foundations of a relationship from the ground up than hovering in the uncertain territory of separated-but-not-divorced. Fingers crossed that they can become amicable exes on parr with Kerr and Bloom.