Pink Is Pregnant With Her Second Child, According to Empty Box of Thin Mints

Celebrities have weird ways of announcing their pregnancies. Some choose to reveal their news while performing on-stage; others do it on the cover of a magazine, or in an interview with Oprah. Many choose simply to release a statement or, even, just wait until they've started showing enough that people can figure it out for themselves. Yet when Pink announced her pregnancy on Friday, she went none of those routes, instead choosing to share the news via a simple, happy message on Twitter that involved, of all things, Girl Scout Cookies. And really, from a singer who's made a living out of defying expectations, did anyone expect anything different?

Early Friday morning, Pink tweeted the following message: "I love that every time I find a box of Girl Scout cookies I'm pregnant. Guilty: I'm having a thin mint:)" Although it's not the clearest of announcements, it seems safe to assume that the singer is pregnant with her second child (she has a daughter, Willow, nearly 3, with husband Carey Hart) and enjoying being able to partake in sweets her typical regime probably doesn't allow. Perhaps a longer announcement will come later, but for now, a (presumed) congrats to Pink and Hart!

Read the singer's announcement below: