'Game of Thrones' Daario Naharis Asked to Be in 'Playgirl' Because That Butt Shot Wasn't Enough

Can't get enough of that new Daario Naharis after that smoldering scene in which Danaerys got him to disrobe? Well, you're not alone. Playgirl wants Game of Thrones' Michiel Huisman to pose for their magazine. Take that, Littlefinger and your brothel. Ladies be gettin' their kicks, too.

Without a doubt, Daario Naharis 2.0 (Michiel Huisman) is decidedly less porny-looking than Fabio, I mean, Daario Naharis 1.0, but the view of his butt cheeks from Episode 7 got the wheels in Playgirl's head turning. Playgirl publisher Vincent Stevens told E! News that:

That's right. Some women felt "short-changed" by his butt. They were probably thinking, "we saw that other dude whip it out to urinate and we see breasts flouncing around all the time in Westeros. Daario, show us your package!" (I'm paraphrasing what most women must have thought; I was just shouting at the screen, "GOOO DANY!!")

But don't get too excited — this isn't set in stone yet. They're just working on bringing Daario to the magazine. Stevens said:

If Huisman is worried about how he may be perceived if he poses for Playgirl, he should know that he's in good company. In fact, a whole slew of award-winning actors have posed for the magazine, including Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson, and the perfectly mustachioed Tom Selleck. Still, just because these actors were on the cover of the mag, doesn't necessarily mean they took it all off, and it sounds like they want Huisman to go full frontal.

No word yet if Huisman would do it, but Daario isn't usually one to turn down a challenge...

And we know what Danaerys's response would be:

And Jorah:

Poor Jorah. Always friend-zoned, while Daario gets asked to pose for Playgirl.

Image: HBO; no middle ground/tumblr; Ah-marzing/tumblr; chryswatchesgot/tumblr