This Photo Of Tina Fey In College Is So Liz Lemon-y, It Hurts — PHOTO

Tina Fey exemplifies all things wonderful. She is funny, smart, ambitious, and such a key player in the comedy world. So, this photo of Tina Fey in college should help you feel like you have a promising future, because no matter how awkward your younger or current years have been, there is still hope for you to write the next 30 Rock or Mean Girls. Everything's gonna be okay!

This photo, which was posted to Reddit perhaps in honor of Throwback Thursday, doesn't need too many words. You just have to look at it.

Unsurprisingly, Fey as a college girl isn't a far cry from Liz Lemon's flashback scenes in 30 Rock, who also had some rather awkward times. Obviously, Fey wrote Lemon with her own experiences in mind, but in this photo, we have the actual trailblazing, hilarious Fey. And it's incredible.

Still, whatever she's doing in this photo, whatever dance move she's doing (or is she just pointing to a Band-Aid?), you just wanna tell her, "Hey. You're about to be a comedy sensation, girl. You're TINA FEY!"" But, you can't, because it's a photo. Just remember: awkward photos can fuel comedy. Glorious, glorious comedy.

And here it is:

Image: Imgur