Avicii's "Lay Me Down" Video Is Missing Something Important (Hint: Adam Lambert) — VIDEO

When Adam Lambert first premiered "Lay Me Down", the song he did with DJ Avicii, it was basically the club hit we all didn't know we'd been waiting for. The fact that it's the fifth of the singles released from Avicii's True doesn't do the song enough justice, unless Avicii was saving the best for last. Lambert provides all of the vocals for the song which, when combined with Avicii's music, makes for an incredibly addicting track. For some reason, however, the music video for "Lay Me Down" was less of a music video than a concert video.

The video follows Avicii as he heads onstage to perform the song for an adoring crowd of concert goers as a show identified as "Live at Tele2 Arena". The show is so good that the concert ends on a shot of one of the fans crying. Not that I blame her, considering they paired the song with smoke machines and bursts of flames. It's as if the eargasm everyone was having was somehow an underreaction.

Why Avicii chose to film a concert instead of pairing the single with an outright video (like one that actually features Adam Lambert) isn't immediately clear. Maybe by the fifth single on an album, you start running out of steam as far as elaborate videos go. However, pairing "Lay Me Down" with a live concert does force the viewer to focus on the song and their reaction to it more than they would have if they'd had to follow the plot of a video while they listened. Lambert might not appear at the concert, but his vocals are the heart and soul of the song and they match up perfectly with the smoke columns and shooting flames.

That particular show took an already good song and made it great, so we can't blame Avicii for wanting to immortalize it as part of the music video. He's in the habit of keeping his vocalists uncredited anyway, controversial though that decision might be. At least when you get up and start dancing around your room to the song, you won't be missing much in the music video besides people doing the same thing.

Watch the video below.

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