Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Valentino Brunch Is a Shameless Ad Campaign — PHOTOS

In the never-ending celebration that is the Kimye wedding a bachelorette party in Paris, a rehearsal dinner at Versailles, and a ceremony that takes place in a surprise European city is not enough. There also has to be a glamorous brunch with a world-renowned fashion designer. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian joined Valentino for brunch, allegedly, at his massive villa, the Château de Wideville. It was reported that Valentino would be throwing some sort of party for the couple, but it seems this was more of an excuse for Valentino to send the Kardashians over a bunch of his clothes and parade them around for free advertising. Am I blaming the Kardashians for doing this? Hell no! If Valentino says he wants you to give you clothes and take you to his giant mansion, turning it down is not an option.

Not only were the Kardashians snapped by the many paparazzi cameras waiting for them as they left for their super fancy brunch, they took plenty of photos of their own. It's no surprise that the events leading up to the wedding are being Instagrammed by Kardashian's large family and her guests, but at this rate, we're going to be able to make an entire flipbook of the ceremony as a replacement for the lack of video footage. If Kardashian and West don't want their actual wedding getting out there, they need to collect cell phones at the door. If you don't pass one over, then no entry.

But for now, the entire family as well as Valentino's partner Giancarlo Giammetti are in on the Instagramming action and whether it was for bragging rights, genuine heartfelt memories, or advertising, we got a look at what goes down when the Kardashians hang out with Valentino.

Exhausted? I am. And they still have to fly to Italy!

Images: Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram; Kendall Jenner/Instagram; Giancarlo Giammetti/Instagram; Kim Kardashian/Instagram; Kris Jenner/Instagram; Khloe Kardashian/Instagram; Kris Jenner/Instagram