Kris Jenner's Paris Photo Album Is Like Something Right Out of 'SNL' — PHOTOS

As could have been predicted by anyone who has ever even heard of Kris Jenner, Kris Jenner is very excited about the Kimye wedding. Like, make-up-your-own-celebratory-hashtags levels of excited. It's no surprise that a mother would be excited about her daughter's wedding, it's just that the way Kris shows her excitement is sooo Kris Jenner. This isn't your regular wedding or your average mother. Kim is Kris' favorite child and the wedding is in Paris (or Florence?) and she's marrying known over-the-top person Kanye West. Kris' level of excitement is simply living up to the standards of the entire event.

Kris recently flew to Paris and has spent the time since she arrived taking in the sights and then posting pictures of the sights on Instagram along with very enthusiastic captions. There's one of Kris in front of the Eiffel Tower captioned, "Oh Hiiiiiiiiiii PARIS!!!!! ❤ We're HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Yes, that is the exact number of Es that she used. There's another of Kris on a carousel about which she wrote, "Love on a merry-go-round!!!! #nightsinparis #herecomesthebride #KanyeheartsKim ❤❤." Is #KanyeheartsKim going to catch on as a hashtag? Probably not, but I have no doubt Kris will use it for nearly 100 photos.

Kris also posted a photo of the Eiffel Tower by itself which she captioned simply, "Just spectacular." Where are the hashtags now, Kris? Where's the excessive use of capitalization? Eiffel Tower not good enough for ya?

I predicted earlier on in my Kimye wedding coverage (yes, this is a thing and it has been going on far longer than is reasonable) that Kris would be the one to spill the beans about the goings on of the wedding as it's happening. Kim Kardashian said herself that the ceremony isn't being filmed, but I feel confident Kris will come through with some pics and her first day in Paris proves that it's true. On May 24, if you want to see everything that happens at the Kimye wedding, just check out Kris Jenner's Instagram. She is not only willing and able to give you what you need, she might be literally unable to control her Instagramming urges.

Images: Kris Jenner/Instagram