Pantless Driver Explains To Cops: I'd Had A 'Manzilian,' It Was Itching

This week in waxing gone wrong, a man in Washington state was arrested for driving pantless after supposedly getting an itchy Manzilian. The 24-year-old was charged with indecent exposure for driving in his skivvies, telling police his pantless drive was thanks to uncomfortable chafing, not any deliberate attempt to expose himself to passersby. A witness told cops that the man was driving in Port Orchard and exposing himself while driving.

The man said his jeans were chafing him after the procedure, but cops said he was behaving weirdly and was found with a box of condoms next to him in his car, plus he had a towel neatly placed under him. The woman who spotted him said he stuck his tongue out at her when he drove by while exposing himself. The trooper who arrested the man said in his report that after being stopped by police while outside his car, he told them "he had to fart and that he didn’t want to do it in his car," according to Fox Q13.

Regardless of what really happened, the man's definitely given the manzilian some exposure. So we're here to reveal a bit more about the male version of the Brazilian wax. Sadly, none of them come itch-free.

1. What's a manzilian?

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The manzilian, also called a boyzilian, is like a Brazilian wax, in which all of a man's hair is removed from their genital area, including the front and back. There's a detailed description here. There's such a thing as a mankini, too, which is probably a little less thorough (Mankini:Bikini :: Manzilian:Brazilian.)

2. When did they become popular?

The term "manzilian" cropped up suddenly on Google Trends in 2009, but forms of male body hair removal have been common since roughly the '90s, according to conventional wisdom and a score of trend pieces.

3. How does this fit in with manscaping?

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Manscaping refers to hair removal all over the male body, from the beard up top to the — well, you know. With regards to the genitals, the mankini is undoubtedly a more popular option — or at least a more popular term — for the procedure. It's also called a BSC. We'll let you Google that one.

4. Who gets them?

A lot of people, apparently. A female waxer of male genitalia wrote in a tell-all for Cosmopolitan that all kinds of guys came in to have the procedure completed.

Most of the guys who come in are straight, successful, and good-looking. Sometimes I Google them and find out that they’re prominent entertainment executives and lawyers. They’re often married with kids.