Justin Bieber Coming to 'So You Think You Can Dance' Because He's Meant for Reality TV

Well, it took him long enough. In what seems like something that should've happened years ago, Justin Bieber is preparing to join reality TV — albeit only for a few episodes, that is. On Friday, it was announced that Bieber will appear on several upcoming episodes on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance , starting with next Wednesday's season premiere.

According to the network, Bieber and his choreographer, Nick DeMoura, will join the competition series to introduce a new aspect of the show, in which dance crews can compete for a spot to appear in the season finale. Dance viewers will be able to vote for their favorite crews during the four audition episodes using a Twitter hashtag, and at the end of the performances, the crew with the most popularity will get be chosen to perform on the finale.

Sure, So You Think You Can Dance isn't the first reality show we'd expect to see Bieber join, but we guess it does make sense, once you remember that the guy used to be famous for being a musician, not for getting DUIs and being called "a piece of shit" by celebrities nearly twice his age. Hopefully, being on the show and re-focusing on his career will be good for Bieber, and will keep him out of trouble, at least for a few weeks. After that, who knows; perhaps appearing on reality TV will strike a chord with the star, and in the fall, we'll find him on something a bit more suited to his interests — may we suggest Rich Kids of Beverly Hills? Really, though, any show would work. A Bieber on television is a whole lot safer than a Bieber in the wild.